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7 - 10

Clay 11 - 12

International 19

13 - 18

Indoor Courts

Golf Club House

committee of management March 2023/ March 2024

Main Committee of Management 2023/2024


Mr. Godwin Borg

Vice Chairman

Dr. Roland Wadge

Finance Chairman

Mr. George O. Attard

Finance sub-Committee members:

Mr. Michael Busuttil

Ms. Lorraine Flores

Mr. Daryl Zarb Cousin

Catering Chairman

Mr. Michael Busuttil

Catering sub-Committee Member:

Ms. Lorraine Flores

PR and Social Media Chairperson

Ms. Carol Agius


Mr. Richard Bradshaw (Security)

Ms. Lorraine Flores

Mr. Victor Radmilli

Mr. Leslie White (Maintenance Supervisor)

Tigne Beach representatives

 Mr. George O. Attard:

Ms. Carol Agius

Photo Gallery

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