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The Malta Croquet Club was founded in 2010 and has proven to be an immediate success. The game was first introduced to Malta when a few friends decided it would be a good idea to set up a team and play croquet.

Not having a venue of their own, they approached the Marsa Sports Club with the intention of obtaining a lawn to play on. The Marsa Sports Club was willing to provide its facilities subject to the approval of the Cricket Section, and so the Malta Croquet Club was established.


croquet pitch

The Club offers a full international croquet oval with grass outfield and matting wicket. The croquet section, though small, is very active.

At the time, equipment was not available locally and needed to be imported from the UK. Since inception, the member’s standard has improved and today the club enjoys a healthy number of regular members. Croquet is played every Monday and Wednesday at Malta Croquet Club and visitors are welcome. Various competitions for members are also organised throughout the year.

For further information about the Malta Croquet Club kindly contact:

Sharon Harrison 9994 6498


Committee Members

Chairman:                            Mike Tibbett - Phone 9939 8611 

Vice Chairman \Treasurer:   Douglas McQueen

Secretary:                            Sharon Harrison - Phone 9994 6498

Press Secretary:                 Diane Tibbett - Phone 9961 1199

Groundsman                       Martin Compton

Section email: croquetmalta@gmail.com 


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