30th March 2020

Dear Members,

We find ourselves in extraordinary times, what was taken for granted has now become an indulgence and whilst we have had to change and adapt our daily routine, life goes on.

As most are aware, in the interest of our members and the general public’s health, the club was forced to close its doors on the 17th March 2020. We can assure you that we have not been sitting idle and with the co-operation of our staff we have continued with our daily routine of maintaining the club facilities and grounds in preparation for when things hopefully return to normal.

We have been busy deep cleaning all areas both inside and out, the refurbishment of the men’s changing room/toilets have been completed and are awaiting to be utilised.The new caterers are also hard at work preparing for when the doors reopen.

As most of you will appreciate, these are hard times especially since the club has had no income for the last 2 weeks and as things stand today, it looks like the trend shall continue for a number of weeks if not months. We have taken the necessary measures to safeguard our employees and although the club’s position is not precarious, we will have to wait and see the outcome of the pandemic and evaluate our thinking as we go along.

We do not want to sound as alarmists, but this is the reality of life we are facing today. Thankfully, the Committee of Management has always been prudent and has over the years put aside some money for a rainy day. The rainy day has come and it has come in a deluge. However, we are optimistic that together we will overcome this phase in our lives and with any luck return to our habitual life style.

In the meantime, the Committee of Management would like to announce that due to the currentsituation, the Annual General Meeting which was scheduled for Wednesday 18th March 2020 has been postponed indefinitely. However, since no nominations were received, the Committee of Management will remain the same for the term 2020/21and reconfirmed when the AGM is eventually held sometime in the future.

The club’s e-magazine which was due to be published in the first week of April, will be delayed by one month, wherein we will continue to update you on all the happenings at the club.

Without a doubt we would like to take this opportunity to applaud our staff for their loyalty and for coming into work under these perilouscircumstances. Thank you to all the staff.

Finally, we hope that you are keeping safe and that we will have the opportunity to see you allback at the club very soon.

Remember that together we can face the challenges ahead.

The Committee of Management

Marsa Sports Club