Dear Members,

It has been over a month that the club has closed its door in view of the Legal Notice issued on the 17th of March 2020. Understandably, many of you who have been observing the instructions issued by the authorities, are now starting to feel the strain.


It is during times like this, that we come to appreciate what we took for granted, was easily taken away depriving us of our normal way of life. We know that there are members who are eager to resume playing their favourite sport and have noticed in recent days a number of emailsand comments on social media, enquiring as to when the club is expecting to re-open its doors and allow members to once again enjoy theirpastime. Some of you have even gone to the extreme of challenging the validity of the Legal Notice by interpreting it to suit ones need. We have even had members who have pointed out that there are other sportfacilities that despite the imposed restrictions are still allowing people to practicetheir favourite activity or as in other instances where people have illicitly entered facilities that have been locked up.


May we begin by saying that the Legal Notice No. 76, which forced us to close shop is very clear and even when seeking legal guidance on the matter we were informed that this applies to us and any breach carries with it a fine of €3,000. Law cannot be interpreted to suit one’s needs and as regards to the other facilities; we have our doubt as to how they are being allowed to offer their services within the directives issued by the health authorities.


Please rest assured that the Committee of Management has not been sitting idle and have been in contact with the respective authorities, working hand in hand in an effort to satisfy their concerns and allow us to open the club. However, they have advised us that it would be ill-timed to relax in the final stages of the isolation period, and insisted that we abide by the directives issued in the interest of the public health for the next few days.


We are fully aware of your frustrations and promise that we will keep up our efforts with the authorities so that as soon as they feel it is safe,we will once again open our doors, even if it means that this is done gradually. The Committee of Management wants life to return to normal as quickly as possible, since as you will all appreciate this pandemic is having its toll on the club’s finances. Having said this, we have continued maintaining the club behind closed doors in preparation for when we are given the go ahead to re-open. You must all realise that when this happens, life at the club will not be the same as you knew it, for we will all have to adapt to living with the virus. Procedures will be imposed on us to make sure that we continue to contain the virus and it is here that we ask you to be co-operative and abide by these measures in the interest of everyone and not to become complacent.


We promise to keep you updated and should we have anything new to report, we will inform you immediately.


Please bear with us to overcome the final hurdle, for only if we stick together can we win this battle.


The Committee of Management
Marsa Sports Club