Further to our email sent last week, regarding the subject in caption. The Committee of Management has met and taken into account some of the suggestions received. Therefore we are pleased to announce the new policies which will come into effect from Friday 12th June (tomorrow) in respect of the soft opening of the pool area on Monday the 15th June.
  • The pool hours will be extended as follows:
             from 9:30am to 2pm and from 3pm to 8pm (It is important that by 2pm the loungers and all of the members' belongings are clear to allow our staff to carry out the necessary sanitization as per the guidelines issued by the health authorities)
  • A member can book three days in advance, either a morning or afternoon slot, as per above.  
  • Bookings are to be done strictly by phone on 21232842 or 21233851 or if present at the Club.
  • Bookings for one of the slots,can only be for a maximum of 4 people not of the same household and including children over the age of 2 years. No restrictions on the number of persons living within the same household will apply. This applies to members only.
  • As all members will understand with these restrictions being imposed, one must make sure to phone up at least one hour before for cancellations. In case of a no show, any other bookings made for other days will automatically be forfeited. Your cooperation in this matter will be appreciated to allow other members the opportunity to use the pool.
  • The Committee has decided to remove the 50c charge. 
  • The new caterers will be providing a full catering service throughout the day.
Should there in the meantime be any changes in the guidelines issued by the health authorities, we will keep you informed.
We thank you for your cooperation.
The Committee of Management