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Dear Members,


Over the last few months, the attendance at the club has increased significantly particularly during the weekends and public holidays. As you will all appreciate, we are constantly fighting a battle to make sure that the patrons who visit the club are paid up members. Our priority will always be towards our membership and therefore we will do everything in our power to safeguard their interest.


To enable us to make sure that there are no abuses from non-members utilising the club facilities, we are asking for your co-operation. If you have paid your subscription for this year you will have received with your receipt the car stickers for 2021. These stickers must be stuck to your car windscreen to help us verify that the patrons entering the club are members. In fact, the club statute under bye-laws (‘Car Parking’ - Article 55) clearly states “Only cars bearing an MSC Sticker on the windscreen may be driven into the Club premises”.

For this reason, we are kindly asking you to make sure that you affix the said car sticker on your car since as from Saturday 6th March 2021, any vehicle not exhibiting the current 2021 car sticker will not be allowed entrance to the club premises.


Should you not have received or lost you car sticker/s you are kindly asked to contact the club office before  6th March 2021 to regularise your position.


Please remember that the above is being done to defend your interest, let us work together to protect the club from those who try to abuse of the system.


Albert Bonello

Acting Secretary
Marsa Sports Club
26th February 2021