Dear members,

Further to the new directives issued by the Government in view of the increased numbers in Covid19 cases, we would like to remind members that with immediate effect, the use of masks is mandatory in all areas of the club grounds and in the club house.

Removal of masks is only permitted when practicing vigorous sports, which are; Tennis, Squash, Golf, Cricket and Gym users (both for indoor classes and open gym). Croquet and Billiard are not considered as an active sport; hence masks must be worn when playing.

It is imperative that everyone abides with the instructions issued by the health authorities; the mandatory wearing of masks, frequent washing of hands, hand sanitization especially when playing a sport and maintaining social distance. It is recommended that players are to go directly on the courts, golf course and classes and avoid lingering in the car park and grounds.

Members frequenting the catering facilities both at the club and the ’Putters Inn’ are to remove their masks only when eating or drinking. Exemptions also apply to smoking.

Kindly note that we are having frequent visits from the authorities to make sure members are abiding with the law. Fines are being issued directly to patrons not observing these rules. The Committee and staff reserve the right to instruct members to wear the mask. Should members not co-operate he/she will be referred to disciplinary measures. 

Do not risk the possibility of the club being forced to close its doors.

We kindly ask all of you to co-operate during these difficult times, let us all respect and safeguard each other for everyone’s wellbeing.

Yours sincerely,

The Committee of Management.

Date 21/10/20