Dear Members,
Since the 11th of March 2021, the Committee of Management has been in regular communication with all the authorities concerned, in an effort to obtain clarification on the ambiguous Legal Notice issued with regards to ‘Organised Sports’. Contrary to what many members think, had it not been for the Committee of Management’s resilience to convince the authorities, the club would not have been given the sanction to open after only one week from being forced to close its doors.
We did not stop there and even enquired on whether squash, billiard, cricket and croquet could be played. However, the authorities were very clear that whilst croquet could be practiced within the parameters of social distancing and not more than four in a group, this was not the same for squash and billiards which are played indoor and also cricket which is classified as a contact sport.
When the health authorities recently announced that the number of persons within a group was going to be reduced from four to two, unless the persons in the group are from the same household, the club immediately went into action enquiring if this mitigation would affect the play of tennis, croquet and golf.
The health authorities were not clear in their directives and after seeking advice from the appropriate authorities it was recommended that we should for the time being only allow singles to be played in tennis and that golf be restricted to groups of two. With regards to croquet, we were not given the clearance to go ahead and are still in discussions with the establishments.
Not wanting to leave any stone unturned, we once again communicated with the health authorities who in the past always provided a reply within hours of our query. This time for reasons of further investigations, it took a number of emails for them to provide us with an official reply, which clearly stated that doubles cannot be played and that only groups of two are allowed in all sports currently authorised to be practiced.
Whilst we understand everyone’s frustrations given the restrictions imposed, you must all understand that the club must abide by the law. Having said this, it is unfair that there is a number of members who unjustly criticise the Committee of Management for doing nothing without knowing what goes on behind the scenes. As can been seen from the explanations above, the Committee of Management, together with the Sections Committees, will spare no effort and will always put the member’s interest first whilst endeavouring to make sure that we continue to provide a service insofar that we do so in a safe and secure environment to one and all.
In the meantime, should there be any further developments we will make sure to let you all know.
Thank you for your time and take care.
The Committee of Management
11th April 2021