Keep Life Moving

We are writing to all of you to draw your attention to the fact that the Covid era is not yet over. The World Health Organisation has called the risk of the new Covid variant, ‘Omicron’, as ‘very high’.


This means that we cannot put our guard down. Since the daily numbers of people being diagnosed as positive is on the rise, the Committee of Management feels obliged to remind every single one of you to be extra vigilant when visiting the Club.


We are therefore reminding everyone of their duty and responsibility in being respectful to those around us and to make sure that we maintain the 2-meter social distancing whilst wearing the mask at all times when in the Clubhouse.


We are also encouraging everyone to abide by the Mandatory Standards for Sports Activities whilst enjoying your favourite sport.


Remember that failing to follow these simple instructions not only places those around you at risk but also the entire club. Let us all work together to Keep Life Moving.


The Committee of Management

30th November 2021