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As most of you are aware the Government has enforced New Covid19 Protocols that come into effect as from Monday 17th January 2022.


After having obtained clarification from the Health Authorities, all Adults wishing to enter the Club must show a valid vaccination certificate with an expiration date of three (3) months or the booster certificate valid for nine (9) months from the date of inoculation.


As you will appreciate these new measures have imposed a big burden on the club’s administration particularly the security at the gate. For this reason, your access card will be disabled as from the 17th January 2022 until such time that you provide us with a copy of your EU Vaccine Certificate which will be kept in our records in accordance with the GDPR regulations. Once you present a copy of the certificate, this will be validated from our side and the proximity card reopened to allow entry in accordance with your subscription and/or expiration of your vaccination certificate. By providing us with a copy of your certificate, you will facilitate your entry into the club since you will only be required to use the proximity card without the need of showing the certificate every time you visit the club. Should you opt not to submit a copy of your vaccination certificate, you will be required to show it each time you call at the club. Please also remember that guests will be required to show their certificate which will be verified at the gate.


We kindly ask you to keep your ID card handy and shown on demand, since there will be occasions when you will be asked to present it to verify one’s identity. Anyone found abusing the system will be disciplined in accordance with the club statute.


We are therefore asking you to co-operate with us and to send us your certificate from now so as to facilitate entry into the club and thus avoid any inconvenience arising out of long queues at the gate. Please remember that entry into the club will be refused if one fails to present a valid certificate.


You are also reminded to carry with you the vaccination certificate at all times whilst at the club, since this might be requested when utilising other services at the club particularly the restaurant, gym & pools.


Please also note that any member participating in any of the club social events or tournaments must have a valid certificate to be able to participate.


Your support in this endeavour will help to make life easier for everyone. Therefore, if you already hold a valid certificate, we kindly ask you to send it to the club via email – at your earliest convenience.


We thank you for your support!


The Committee of Management

December 2021