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7 - 10

Clay 11 - 12

International 19

13 - 18

Indoor Courts

Golf Club House


Marsa Sports Club

From Wed 31 Jul To Thu 29 Aug

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In accordance with the GDPR EU 2016/679, this application form is being submitted together with my/our consent, that the personal data contained herein and held by the administrative offices of the club, can be shared with other participants of the said tournament and until such time that the tournament finishes, after which no data will continue to be shared.


Tournament dates: 31 JULY/ 1 - 5,6,7,8 - 19,20,21,22 - 26,27,28,29 August

  • Each match consists of 18 games
  • Each player may be required to play a minimum of 5 matches
  • Unavailable dates must be clearly stated on this entry form
  • Players with more than 2 unavailable dates might not be eligible to participate. Players need to be available till the end of the tournament
  • Teams playing on a Monday will then play on Wednesday and teams playing on a Tuesday will then play on Thursday
  • Date for Presentation of prizes for the Floodlit tournament, the Cisk Excel Clay courts tournament, the Agilis Doubles League and the Liquigas Ladder tournament, will be advised soon. The usual BBQ will follow.

Application Form

Closing date for applications:Wed 10 Jul

Entry Fee (€15.00)
Total Fee Due €15.00

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