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Marsa Sports Club
Wilson Ladies Team Tournament 2019

From Wed 15 May To Wed 12 Jun

Sponsored By

For Marsa Sports Club Tennis Section Members

Tournament dates: Wednesdays 15th-22nd-29th May-5th - 12th June

Encounters start at 6:30 pm

In accordance with the GDPR EU 2016/679, this application form is being submitted together with my/our consent, that the personal data contained above and held by the administrative offices of the club, can be shared with other participants of the said tournament and until such time that the tournament finishes, after which no data will continue to be shared.

This is a Ladies team tournament which is played on five consecutive Wednesday evenings.

After the last match of the tournament, the presentation of prizes to the 1st and 2nd placed teams will be held. A tennis racket, kindly donated by the sponsor, will be drawn by lot between all the participants of the tournament. Only those players present for the presentation of prizes are eligible to take part in the draw.

Should you encounter any difficulties in applying online, please contact us on: tennis@marsasportsclub.com

Application Form

Closing date for applications:Fri 26 Apr

Entry Fee (€10.00)
Total Fee Due €10.00

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