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 As from Tuesday 1st June

TIGNE’ BEACH is OPEN for summer 2021.
Entrance from the gate at street level.

The Beach is set up, including ladder, awnings and umbrellas.

The Bar is open for drinks and snacks.

The Restaurant area is operatingwith restrictions.


 The Beach is accessible from the ramp up to 31st May 2021.

  • From 10.00 up to 20.00hrs.
    For entry please phone Mosaico on +356 7900 8910 giving your contact details. A register of arrivals at the beach has to be kept.

Entrance is free of charge up to 28th June 2020.

Please read this message carefully and take note of the informative panels placed on the Beach.

It is imperative that all Government re-opening rulesare observed in order to be able to continue with our services.

  •  As from the 1st June, the opening hours shall be from 10.00 to 24.00 hrs.
  •  Parking as per previous year from 1st June on firstt come first served basis. Please note that possible restrictions may apply due to Midi works.
  •  As fromMonday 28th June, payment of the daily entrance ticket will be enforced. You are recommended to obtain a Tignè Beach Seasonal Membership card before that date. There are absolutely no restrictions on the number of tickets available this year.

Following are rules for Membership and Guests and notes on the rules for the use of the beach (awnings, umbrellas and sunbeds), Bar and Restaurant.

Membership and Guests

The Clubs have retained the same Seasonal Membership Tickets for 2021 at the same price for both Members and Guests.


Family (to include children under 16 years)€75
Non-Member Couple Season Ticket€160
Non-Member Single Season Ticket€128
Member’s Guest Season Monthly Ticket€60
Children’s Guest Tickets (16 to 18 years)€20
Students (18 to 23 years)€25
Daily Ticket (entrance before 3pm) 
Children 16-18 years€2.50
Half-day Ticket (entrance after 3pm) 
Children 16-18 years €1.50
Children under 16 yearsFree

Season and monthly tickets must be purchased as from today from the respective Clubs while day tickets may be purchased at the gate as from 28th June 2021.

Please note that Seasonal tickets holders will always have priority for entrance over daily tickets.

Purchase of Membership tickets:

Marsa Sports Club
Phone: +356 2123 3851

email: admin@marsasportsclub.com

Requestby e-mail or phone.

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Payment: please post cheque.

Tickets will be posted back.


Malta Union Club

Phone: +356 2133 2011

email: robertdimech@maltaunionclub.com

Requestby e-mail or phone.

Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm.

When ready, you will be advised when to collect from reception against payment by cheque.


Patrons visiting the Beach Club on Mondays to Fridays

-       for breakfast but exiting by 12pm OR

-       for lunch but exiting by 4pm

will be refunded their entrance fee, provided they return the signed Caterer’s refund ticket toSecurity.



The refund ticket may be obtained from the bar.

Beach and Sunbeds prices

Verandas, umbrellas and sunbeds are arranged according to law:

  • Only two (2) sunbeds are allowed next to each other under the same umbrella, unless same family members.
  • Four (4) sunbeds (2 couples at a distance of 2m) will be placed under the awnings.
  • Sunbeds will be sanitised every morning and after every change of user.

The Seasonal Sunbed ticket will NOT be available this year because Covid-19 and the reduced beach arrangement. Sunbeds, awnings and umbrellas will therefore be paid on a daily basis. It is essential to book up to 3 days in advance to ensure that a beach bed is available.Please do let us know in advance if you wish to cancel your booking as we would otherwise still have to charge you if you do not turn up.

Costs for sunbeds + shades are the following:

  Monday to 
Week end and public holidays
Daily sunbedMembership seasonal tickets€2.50€3.00
Guest and non-members€3.50€4.00 *
Half Daily sunbed (after 3pm)Membership seasonal tickets€1.50€2.00
Guest and non-members€2.50€3.00 *

* Please note that on Week-ends and Public Holidays restrictions will apply, as necessary,for guests and non-members without Membership.

 Rules for the use of the beach.

  • Should you wish to move your sunbed, be sure to maintain the 2m distance.
  • Groups of 6 persons are allowed under one (1) awning
  • Private sunbeds and umbrellas will not be allowed on the beach.
  • Private folding chairs (not loungers/sunbeds) will be allowed on the beach, close to sunbeds, as long as social distancing is maintained and sunbed remains unbooked. These may be carried down to the Club but subject to the following:

a)    They should not be left on the beach. The deposit cost is 30€ for the whole season.

b)    They should not be placed near any sunbeds or under awnings/umbrellas which are placed on the beach without prior approval. Should anyone want to replace a sunbed with a private chair then the same tariff as a booked sunbed will apply.

Restaurant area

We apologisefor the initial limited table and sittings situation brought about by Covid-19. Certain equipment such as big umbrellas are not yet available and still in transit due to the extraordinary demand.

We will operate with a reduced menu until the end of May. Please be reminded that the Menu is available in three (3) formats:



Please make full use of these new formats! They will continue to be utilised during the summer.

Pre booking of tables is very important. As from the 1st June, bookings prior to 20.00 hrs of the day before, will entitle you to a discount from the la carte menu:

  • 15% discount for Tignè Beach Membership seasonal card holders
  • 10% discount for Guests and non-members.

Take-away services will continue to operate. Should you wish, you may order your meal which can then be eaten under your umbrella/awning or at home!

You may find MOSAICO TIGNE BEACH also on Time To Eat and when you are at home, if you want, you can order your food.


Social distance of 2m shall be maintained when approaching the Bar. Signs on the floor are there for your guidance.

Two (2) service point at Bar desk are marked out. Please respect the social distances.

No consumption of purchases is allowed at the bar-counter.


Rules for the use of the bar:

  • For drinks, once served, customers have to move immediately away from the counter.
  • For take-away (e.g. sandwiches), once ordered customers have to move away. You will be called when ready.
  • For Tea time: a waiter will be available for table service.

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