The Marsa Sports
Club Cricket

Cricket in Malta is enjoyed throughout the year thanks to the island’s all-year favourable climate. This sport has been practised at the Marsa Sports Club for over a century and the ground hosts a weekly match every Saturday, as well as several other weekly matches throughout the year.

The Marsa Cricket Club is located within the facilities of the Marsa Sports Club. The grounds are served with superb bar and restaurant facilities that welcome both members and visitors interested in enjoying a post-match drink.

The Marsa Cricket Club has hosted a Four Nation tournament which was a first of its kind for any sport on the island. Games were held at the club’s premises in Marsa between the national teams of Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, and of course, Malta. The Marsa Sports Club is affiliated with the Malta Cricket Association.

The Pitch

The Club offers a full international cricket oval with grass outfield and matting wicket. The cricket section, though small, is very active, and has hosted two international Cricket festivals in the past.

The Committee