The Marsa Sports Club
Junior Member Application


    I hereby give my consent to the Marsa Sports Club to process, retain, record and use the personal data, which is being given herewith for the purpose of the administration of the Membership register, as a Member of the Club. This data will be kept up to the official resignation by the member. This consent is given in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Regulation EU 2016/679.
    For more information you are kindly requested to logon to our website: to access the Club’s privacy policy.

    Pick-Up Authorisation

    Name the persons authorised to pick up your child. No other person will be able to do pick up the child without the parent/guardian’s consent.

    Emergency Contact Details

    Please ensure that you include the correct details of persons who may be contacted in case of emergency.

    Medical History

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    The data requested will only be processed by the administrators of the Marsa Sports Club for the general information of the Club and for correspondence with parents /guardians. Under no circumstances will this data be passed on to commercial third parties. All this information is required, should the need arise, so procedures may be carried out without any delays. In case of an accident or emergency, the Marsa Sports Club will attempt to contact the persons listed in the Emergency Contact details. If no one can be reached the responsibility of your child’s health will be assumed by the doctor.
    Thank you for applying
    The application has been received. We will contact you shortly.