Ev Charging Pillars App
07 December 2023

Ev Charging Pillars App

Setting the APP

  • Download the App Monta EV Charging from either ‘Google Play Store’ or the ‘Apple Store’.
  • Enter your details to create your profile and wait for a verification code in the email address registered with Monta. Input the verification code to gain access to the App.
  • ‘PROFILE’:
  • Enter your email.
  • Create a Password and confirm Password.
  • Enter your name and address.
  • Enter you credit/debit card details.
  • The App accepts VISA, or Mastercard
  • Once you gain access to the App, click on ‘ME’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will see your personal wallet. Click on ‘GET STARTED’ in the menu below..
  • Click on  ‘FIND A CHARGE POINT’ and click on “ADD PAYMENT METHOD”
  • Enter your credit card details and the card holder’s name. When completed, PRESS ‘Add Card’.
  • You do not need to put money in your wallet since the system will charge your credit card directly. However, if you wish to make use of the Wallet you will be required to top-up your card by PRESSING ‘Refill’.
  • Enter the amount of not less than €10.00, press select payment and chose your credit card. Press ‘Refill Now’
  • The amount will show in your wallet.

Starting Your Charging Session

  1. If the socket is flashing BLUE – Ready for Charging – No Vehicles Connected.
  2. If the socket is flashing GREEN – A charging session is active or a vehicle is connected.
  3. If the socket is flashing RED – Out of Order-Please report to the club’s administrative office.
  • To select the charging points available on the EV Pillar, the App will show you a map of Malta. Please press on circle with the number 2 located in Marsa. Once you select the location, the App will show you the availability of the two charging points on the pillar
  • Plug in your cable in one of the two available charging points.
  • On the mobile app select the charging point as follows:
  • Code UKEV14685-1 is the left point
  • Code UKEV14685-2 is the right point
  • Press on the charging point available.
  • Press ‘Go to Payment’ and select either Pay Directly to your registered Credit Card or Press the arrow on the right-hand side to open the menu and select ‘Personal’ which is your wallet. If you choose ‘Personal’ the charges will be taken from your wallet. Please make sure you have funds in your Wallet.
  • Once the above is completed the charging process will start once you slide the red slider at the bottom. Please give the system a few seconds until it energizes.


For security, your charging cable will be locked into the ChargePoint when a charging session is active.

You can end your charging by one of the following methods:

            Press ‘Stop Charge’ in the App.


            Unplug the charging cable from the vehicle.